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Panhellenic Sorority


WMU Panhellenic's Inclusivity Statement 2024

The Panhellenic Council is committed to creating a more inclusive Panhellenic community, by addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. As a council we are continuing to work with chapters to become a stronger community. We recognize and are working to change the systems of exclusion. We have taken responsibility to acknowledge these barriers from the roots of Panhellenic life and strive to make our community for women of all identities to become a part of. We are dedicated to educating ourselves, our chapters, and our community to a higher standard.  In 2020, our council put into a place a requirement for all 7 of our Panhellenic chapters to have a Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Their role is to be a resource to their chapter to bring awareness to these issues on campus and work to break these barriers. In order for our community to become stronger we must be willing to recognize our faults to move forward. We are doing this by hosting educational sessions on DEIA twice a month, researching and sharing monumental holidays, and attending other RSO’s on campus events to learn from our peers. Our committee members from all 7 chapters will facilitate conversations within their chapter regarding these issues and how we can group first as individuals and then as an entire community. As a committee we have taken the responsibility to share resources and further educate on another on these issues to grow stronger.

The Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment process is an opportunity for women to meet all of the chapters on Western Michigan University's Campus. College is a time to explore who you are, what matters to you, and what value you want to bring to the world! And joining a sorority is about finding your people – the women who will cheer you on and challenge you along the way. Your future sisters will be there to support you as you learn all that you’re capable of, and through the sorority experience you’ll tap into your potential through exploring leadership, giving back to the community, and serving others. 



Sorority Is

. . . coming together to make a difference! Sororities bring incredible women together and provide outlets and support for us to do real good in our community. We believe there is no group at Western Michigan University that has the power to impact our world like sororities!

. . . fun! It’s about always having those go-to girls you can sing at the top of your lungs with, late-night study buddies, that sister who is there when you need ice cream (or a hug), and a mentor who inspires you to be the best version of you. 

. . . a deep network and well of opportunities that will help you succeed – beyond what you can imagine today. Your sorority helps you find your niche at WMU through opportunities to connect and lead, and the benefits of the sorority experience are real. Sorority women are three times as likely to have an internship in school and twice as likely to have a job when they graduate.


. . . a community of support. You’ve heard about our “sisterhood.” Sororities provide a family and a home away from home. Your sisters will be there for you – for celebrating your wins, for tough conversations, and for when you need a shoulder to lean on. Sisterhood is deeper than friendship and lasts far beyond the few years we’re in college. 



Western Michigan's Panhellenic sororities traditionally admit new members following a week-long recruitment process that occurs at the start of the Fall semester. This ensures that women going through recruitment and active members of the sororities are able to stay focused on their school work during the week. 
In order to participate in Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment, you must be a full-time student at Western Michigan University at the time of Recruitment in the Fall, as well as paying the mandatory $30 fee.

Like what you’ve heard? Want to meet the Western Michigan Universities sororities? 

Sorority Recruitment is where you find your people! Sign up by September 5th!



Orientation @ Student Center

Monday, September 24th 

Stage 1  (Day 1) @ Student Center

Tuesday, September 25th

Stage 1 (Day 2) @ Student Center

Wednesday, September 25th

Stage 2 @ Houses/Campus

Thursday, September 26th 

Preference Day @ Houses/Campus

Friday, September 27th

Bid Day @ Rec Center

Saturday, September 28th

Please keep in mind that you must attend all the previously listed days of recruitment.
For more information on joining Fraternity or Sorority life, contact Emily Walker at 

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