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The Panhellenic Delegates act as a liaison between their individual sororities and the Panhellenic Executive Council. By attending weekly meetings, serving on committees and volunteering to step in where needed, these women help direct their sororities toward working together as a Panhellenic community.


Our Delegates

Alpha Chi Omega

F767F965-D843-4B86-B34D-88CD74FD15DD - claire westbrook.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

The Greek community is my home away from home and has helped me become the best version of myself! Becoming friends with girls in my chapter and in other chapters has helped me feel so loved and welcomed! Greek Life is my second family!​

Sam Kerr

Alpha Phi

968697DC-2DC8-48F4-A6B0-3AEBBB8131DF - Sam Kerr.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

I love feeling at home when I drive down Fraternity Village Drive and having a whole community of people who want the best for me!

Amanda Robins 

Alpha Xi Delta

4920E241-EF1F-419D-9D86-5EACBAE3CD4D - Amanda Robins.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

I love the Greek community because it gives me the opportunity to expand my social circle and form long lasting relationships. It also helps me feel more connected to my university and get the most out of my college experience!

Chi Omega

3A0958AD-53ED-4D44-838E-57E835D84C10 - E F I Y E N I A Stavropoulos.jpeg
Efiyenia Stavropoulos

Why I love the Greek Community:

I love the Greek community because it has given me the opportunity to meet such amazing people!

Lane Rodocker

Alpha Omicron Pi

25DBBE7A-D7A5-472D-8C4E-BC2735EE06F5 - Lane Rodocker.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

I love the greek community because it feels like a big family. This community makes me feel loved and accepted by so many, and although it’s only my first year here I have made so many memories with everyone.

Payton Van Kampen

Delta Zeta

52E1CC03-E0D8-42CC-8A10-42F67065DD76 - Payton Van Kampen.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

I love the Greek Community because it’s been such a supportive fun environment for me & it’s nice to be able to share that mutual passion with so many other great ladies!

Hannah Sheppard

Sigma Kappa

5DC87738-E999-4B34-92F0-F7C3A14A937C - Hannah Sheppard.jpeg

Why I love the Greek Community:

It is very inclusive and I love being able to have socials with other chapters and bond more.

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